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All-in-one Next Generation Hydrogen Kit

1 Kit

₹ 3490.00

ALMIGHTY's great quality product All In One Hydrogen Kit is giving the best performance. The result of this Hydrogen Kit is unbelievable. It gives a mileage increase of more than 35% in any two-wheelers.

  • This is not an HHO kit
  • Almost zero maintenance cost
  • This is a Pure Hydrogen Kit for all types of 2-Wheelers
  • Minimum 35% average increase guaranteed
  • Compatible with all bikes and scooters below 180CC Engine
  • Reduce Pollution, Increase Pickup and Smoothness Instantly
  • Better burning of fuel gives the economy
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What is it? It is a device that generates Hydrogen and Oxygen by controlled electrolysis process on board a vehicle. The power intake from the battery of the vehicle is controlled by state of the art and specially programmed electronic device that ensures optimum power draw from the battery and produce even amount of Hydrogen needed for use in the engine. It also prevents from the possibility of the battery being drained out due to its use in producing the Hydrogen. What is the set up? The electrolysis tank and the electronic device are fitted in the luggage compartment of the vehicle. A power supply cable is drawn from the ignition switch that ensures that the device is activated only after the engine has started. A robust P.U. pipe is taken from the hydrogen output point to the air intake system of the engine. It is inserted in to the rubber hose between the Air filter and the throttle assembly of the engine. How it works: Once the engine starts the electronic device start drawing regulated current from the battery and supplies to the electrolysis tank. As the current is passed through the electrolyte within the tank, it separates the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. The electrolyte is a unique formula developed by us to generate adequate amount of hydrogen for a long time without it being diluted at a short period. As the Hydrogen reaches to the air intake system, it enters the combustion chamber along with the air inhaled by the engine. The presence of hydrogen results in increase of flame speed during the power stroke and results in optimum burning of fuel injected in the engine. The enhanced burning of the fuel produces more power during the stroke and the ECM automatically starts to control the fuel as the power is increased. What alteration to the vehicle does it requires: It does not require any kind of alteration in the vehicle. It can be fitted at any convenient place in the car except in the engine compartment. Only the ignition cable is stripped and looped with the electronic device of PowerPlus. The hydrogen pipe is inserted in to the air intake system by piercing a small hole in the rubber hose. What happens when it stop working? It is like an Add On device to the present set up of your vehicle. If it stops working in between, it will not affect adversely to the vehicle and the vehicle keeps on running on its original parameters. Only a drawback in performance like reduction in acceleration shall be experienced by the driver. How it benefits: As said, it is a kind of “Add On” device to run with the engine to improve its performance. Implementation of kit improves the acceleration, torque, Lean air fuel mixture ignition capability, ensures higher percentages of fuel combustion, smoother running of the engine etc. Since the fuel combustion is at higher percentages, the emission of harmful gases is reduced that maintains environmental balances. An extended lubrication change period is also experienced due to lesser generation of carbon within the engine. Also it prevents to the expenses of decarburizing of the engine at regular intervals. What maintenance it needs? It is designed and manufactured to use it robustly. It does not require and day to day maintenance except to check the LED glowing on the electronic device and the wiring connections in intact conditions, at intervals of time to ensure the kit is working. The kit is required to be replaced the Electrolyte (Chemical) at a designated kilometers (Approx 2000 to 2500 kms) of running that depends on the model of the kit. The procedure is to be carried out at the fitment center consuming small time and also a small expense. What Availability of different models: At present this Hydrogen kit is available for Two wheelers up to 180 cc

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