ALMIGHTY's Remuneration System

How to become a Business Promoter?

An individual after buying any product from the ALMIGHTY E-BIZ PVT. LTD. will become an Business Promoter & get a FREE Business Promoter account to start his/her own business.

Eligibility to receive Almighty Sales Incentives

To start receiving Almighty's minimum Sales Incentives, each Business Promoter should have at-least Three Sales.

For every sales done by the Business Promoter, 50 BV will be allotted.
  (Value of 1 BV = ₹ 10.00 - One Business Volume (BV) = Ten Rupees)

Sales Incentives

Direct Sales Incentives

Business Promoter is eligible to receive Direct Sales Incentives of 50 BV per direct sales. Direct Sales Incentives can be for an unlimited number of direct sales. Business promoter will receive this incentives every week based on the number of Direct Sales by him/her.

Duos Sales Incentives

The Duos Sales Incentives is calculated based on the making Sales Duos on his/her team.

How to qualify & start receiving Duos Sales Incentives?
To qualify for this Incentives, Business Promoter should have at least 150 BV Sales. Thereafter every product sales in Duo will receive 100 BV.

For Example:
1 Sales Duo     = 100 BV
5 Sales Duos   = 500 BV
15 Sales Duos = 1,500 BV
and cotinue...
130 Sales Duos = 13,000 BV
BV = Business Volume

Ceiling Level (Top) Sales Incentives:
The maximum Sales Incentives for a Business Promoter is subject to 13,000 BV per week (130 Sales Duos per week).

Nano Sales Incentive (One Time)

Business Promoter will be eligible to receive Nano Sales Incentive (One Time) 500 BV by purchasing a Nanocard from the company. Business Promoter will receive this Nano Sales Incentive when he/she Sales & make 10 Sales Duos with Nanocard Purchased. It means these all 10 Sales Duos must have purchased atleast one Nanocard from the company.

Please Note:

Every Thursday 11.59pm will be sales-closing period.

• Deduction in incentives: TDS: 5% (as per Government Norms) & Processing Charges: 10%

• NO other hidden charges.