ALMIGHTY's Board of Directors

Mr. Nitin Patel, Director
Almighty E-Biz Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Nitin Patel has more than 13 years extensive experience in the field of Marketing & Management. He is a successful Businessman for over more than decade now. Has a proven track record in effectively completing the project pertaining to various fields such as Marketing and other sectors.

Mr. Nitin Patel acquired various accolades for his foresight and precise business plan that helped the various companies to reinforce their marketing plan and earn profit in large. His impeccable communication skill and public affairs skills has made a respectable image among the business world. He has empowered thousands of people to change their lives as part of Marketing industry through his model leadership qualities.

Mr. Nitin's mission is to help people to achieve their dreams and goals without investing money in business. He supports the mission of Mr. Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India, to remove unemployment from India.

He also has Mission...
• To give proper knowledge of marketing keeping education system programmed.
• "Unlimited power" and "Awaken the Giant within".
• To Become a top ranking Marketing Company in India.
• To give extra ordinary efforts to maintain TOP RANKING incessantly.
• To remove unemployment from India.